Why We Were Right: Vehicles

Hey all, Danny here, and with the end of 7th edition confirmed and a new dawn on the horizon, all of my work on formations is for nothing! Nothing I say! Anyway, for now, I am going to detail all the ways that the crew at TFG Radio (especially Travis) were amazingly prophetic about this new golden age.  Let’s go!

Our prediction: Vehicles will no longer have a separate stat-line, and large models will degrade as in Age of Sigmar.

The result: We were dead-bang right, suckas!

So, what does this really mean for the game?

Well, it means that out of the gate, vehicles are exponentially better. There were two huge flaws with non-super-heavy vehicles in 40K: They could be immobilized, and they could be killed in a single shot.  In 7th, a single penetrating hit with a +1 modifier could kill a Land Raider, just like that.  With Grav, you could also immobilize a Dreadnought and then not give a single quack about it for the rest of the game.  With vehicles no longer operating under a completely different rule system, they can actually keep contributing to the game for longer.

You will see the rise of the Land Raider again, at least in the initial testing of the system when its live, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw them far more commonly.  Any vehicle now is something that takes a lot more effort and attention to kill, and especially Walkers are far more viable.  They may not be top tier, OP, amazeballs great, but they will likely be viable, especially in a spam list.  Killa Kanz Go!

So I should buy every Land Raider in existence?

Well, not yet.  We don’t know stats, but if the standard Dreadnought suddenly turns T7 with 8 wounds like spoiled yesterday by GW itself, that is good and solid, but we need to see weapon profiles to really know.  A Lascannon could still be S9 with D6 wounds, which means that just one won’t kill a Dreadnought, but two gives you ok odds at it.

Also, vehicles degrading over time mean that you could weaken a vehicle to the point that it is mostly worthless.  This is actually a benefit though as it could still be a scoring unit and still contribute in some ways, and it makes playing against really large models like Knights much more enjoyable as now ANYTHING can hurt it, and it will start to be less effective as it takes wounds.  It is really demoralizing to have a Knight at one Hull-Point that is still 100% effective run roflstomp through your army.  At least now, if you can start to stack wounds, the actual impact of the vehicle is going to be less.

As a Tyranid player (for LIFE, son), Monstrous Creatures are getting this buff as well, and this makes me happy. All my wonderful Carnifexes may be coming out now.  Overall, this is a huge benefit to a lot of models that sit on the shelf, and if you aren’t excited, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Well no, I do know, but I’ll be nice.

So that’s it folks. We’ll gloat and brag more as we get more confirmations, but as of us right now, we are going to revel in our smuggness. Also, be sure to hit up that Patreon so we can continue to buy Rage-Quitters’ armies for 50 bucks.