TFG Radio Twitch Episode 77 – Death Guard & Modelling for Advantage

January 29, 2021 0

A new episode of TFG Radio is upon us. This episode the guys talk about the new Death Guard codex, what we hope the GW reveals will be, the issues with modelling for advantage, and more! Sponsors Gameology Pasadena – Shark Tank by […]

TFG Radio Twitch Episode 74 – Blood Angels, Death Guard & LVO

December 25, 2020 0

Adam, Danny, & John are back for another episode. This week they discuss the Blood Angel and Death Guard previews, Adam’s renewed obsession with Blood Bowl, John’s issue with Sanguinius, Danny’s cries of pain, the status of the Las Vegas Open, and more! Sponsors Gameology […]

TFG Radio Twitch Episode 69: 40K Talk & a contest

October 5, 2020 0

The gang is back together for another episode of TFG Radio. This week they talk about the big announcements and changes coming in 40K, their side chat without Tom, a new contest to win a Space Marine or Necron Codex, and more. Contest Info is […]

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