Welcome to TFG Radio! (Now in Print)

Hello, everybody and welcome to TFG Radio (now in pog, I mean blog form!).  The crew here at TFG radio have decided to step out of your ears and into your eyes with new weekly (and daily) content for all your gaming (but mostly 40k) enjoyment.
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In case you’ve stumbled upon us without having heard the podcast, (which you can check out here, here, or find our Facebook), we are an intrepid group of gamers that revel in Futurama quotes and general tomfoolery.

Our fearless leader: Travis, “the man with no nickname”
A gamer of such legendary renown that he needs not any nom de guerre. Travis has done it all, played it all, painted it all, and converted the hell out of it.  He has worked for the Beast itself for many years, and now runs a thriving gaming community in Pasadena.   He can drop a bass line like you wouldn’t believe, and his calves are a thing of legend.  His beard is EPIC, but he is humble about all of it.  He is the shining example of a hobbyist to whom we all aspire to be just like schools of those sucker-fish that hitch rides on sharks.  He can drop Futurama quotes with an 80% efficiency rating, which qualifies as “ill”, at least from a technical standpoint.

His second banana, the Lenny to his Carl, the Elwood to his Jake, Adam “Bahkara”
Old Man Adam can tell you about games before they were even called games.  No one is quite sure how old he is, but we simply accept that if a game ever existed, Adam has played it.  He may appear misanthropic, jaded, or salty, but really, it is just a long memory of many games and many years spent deep into the hobby.  If you’ve ever heard of it, Adam has likely played it.  In the days of myth and legend, Adam was as competitive of a 40k player as there was, traveling to an RTT each week.  He has actually won Best Sportsman on several occasions, which is just grossly negligent.  Now, he has eased into his position as the gamer godfather, annoying Travis by promising to play a myriad of forgotten games and then never getting around to it.  He also listens to more podcasts than any healthy person should.  He doesn’t read rules; he plays games.

Of course, we cannot forget the beating heart of this endeavor, the rage-fueled hate engine direct from Khorne’s fortress of skulls, “The Producer”. 
From and made of parts unknown, The Producer is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a beanie.  All we really know is that she is likely a Bloodthirster trapped in some Tzeentchian illusion, and one red day, she’ll emerge from this dream-state to wreak bloody havoc again.

Rounding out the team are a few jackasses and hangers-on that ride the wake of the these people:
John “Overwatch” of Capture and Control:
The man who produces salt by the pound and memes by the ton.  He’s been playing 40k since 3rd edition after he wandered into a local game store and saw a Dark Angels army fighting Imperial Guard. He immediately bought the Dark Angels codex. Many years and editions later, he’s still at it.  He used to buy and build 2 or 3 of the 4 new armies in a year, financing the new by selling the old, and hence has played just about every army in 40k, up until the great army explosion of 2015.  His old standby is a Space Marine army, generally Salamanders, but he’s been playing Ultramarines a fair bit.  He plans on playing Space Wolves for the 2016 ITC season to try and outpace his 2015 season:  he placed 18th in SM and in the top 10% of the ITC in 2015.  He has an unhealthy love for all things internet meme, so expect that often.

Danny R,”Lemurking”:
Infrequent guest/friend of the show and now putting his massive amount of gradschool debt for the Fine Arts to good use by editing this blog. Mom is so proud!  He’s been playing 40K since 2nd Edition when he was just a tot and incapable of understanding why Virus bombs were so good. He took a long break from actively playing until his best friend dragged him back in at the dawn of 4th, and well, it’s been going solid since (except for a Tour of Duty to Warmachine during 6th Ed). He is the definition of faction ADD, so he’s played just about everything, but his one true love will always be Tyranids. He’s also had his run as a competitive fantasy and warmachine player, but all that is a young man’s game, so now he’s firmly content in playing 40k and occasionally delving into new systems for variety’s sake.

So strap in, suit up, make yourself a nice cup of relaxing tea, and prepare to be slightly amused and possibly educated!